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Need Weighted Drumsticks for exercise classes or warming up on the practice pad? We can fix you up! We offer affordable heavyweight drumsticks made right here in the USA. If you're a serious drummer or a member of a fitness program that uses weighted drum sticks as part of your workout program, consider buying from one of the most well-known drum brands in the business - Drum Bum! Quality workout drumsticks now available from small to large quantities.

 Weighted Drumsticks

Weighted Drumsticks

Green, Weighted Drumsticks - 4.4 oz.

If you want some extra weight in each stick to help with muscle tone while working out, these bright green, weighted drumsticks are the perfect fitness accessory for your drumming classes. At 4.4 oz each and built with thick, solid polymer, you'll own the best exercise drumsticks currently on the market. And if that weren't everything, they feel great in your hands because of the thick padded grips. Click through to order or call 1-800-DRUM BUM.


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Since 1999, Drum Bum, Inc has been providing not only unique drummer gifts but supplying the music industry with unique music promotional products for private parties, corporate events, fitness programs and more. Recent bulk orders have included recognizable brands such as HBO, Hard Rock Cafe, Blue Man Group and Deckers. Our gift products and accessories have even been in movies and on TV shows (check out our brass music stands in Ted 2). The bottom line is, companies put their trust in Drum Bum because they know we can deliver. We are proud to offer unique, quality products and 100% first class service to such esteemed brands through the years. We appreciate their business and we look forward to serving you as well. Call us at 1-800 DRUM BUM (378-6286) and let us know how we can assist.

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For drummers, using weighted drumsticks for practicing is thought by many leading professional drummers and teachers to be a highly effective way to develop and strengthen wrist muscles for performing. Some consider it controversial but most have come to see it as a viable method for drumming development especially with some famous drummers like Dennis Chambers endorsing this practicing method. Dennis is one of the greatest, most technical drummers in the world. If you've ever warmed up with weighted sticks and then played the drums, you've experienced an incredible feeling of freedom as your normal drumsticks feel like balsa wood and you literally 'fly' around the drumkit. This is not dissimilar to baseball players that warm up with weighted rings on their bats before they get up to hit.

Weighted Drumsticks are available in solid black color, 4.3 oz per stick and comfort grips.
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