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Exercise Drumsticks


Workout with weighted drumsticks!
Take your aerobic fitness classes to the next level. Incorporate drumming fitness into your routine. It's fun and highly effective. We've got weighted drumsticks with soft, comfortable grips!

  • Wood or Colored Drumsticks
  • Includes Comfort Grips
  • Weighted for Toning
  • Tough, Sythentic Construction
  • Made in the USA!

Do you own an aerobics studio and want competitive pricing on exercise drumsticks? Click through for special pricing on fitness drumsticks.

Exercise Drumsticks


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*** Workout Drumsticks ***

Exercise Drumsticks

Pink Fitness Drumsticks

Designer Exercise Sticks
You'll be the coolest aerobics person in the room with these designer series workout drumsticks from Drum Bum. Shed those pounds while rocking out to the beat. These thick, cardio drumming pink drumsticks feature comfortable grips that make them easy to hold on to. Made from quality hickory wood and featuring sturdy black nylon tips.

Wood Fitness Drumsticks

Thick, Wooden Fitness Drumsticks
Heavy duty drumsticks made from top quality hickory wood.
Designed for durabilty, they make sturdy, reliable workout drumsticks for
cardio and aerobics drumming classes.

You may have heard about the latest fitness cardio drumming craze. Aerobic studios throughtout the nation are celebrating exercising and being fit by incorporating "fun" into their workouts. The latest trend is working out with drumsticks. Whether you pound the sticks on the floor, on a ball or just waving them in the air to the beat, the fact that having FUN while working out is indisputable! Before today, there has been little to pick from in the way of weighted cardio drumsticks for these aerobic classes. Now, Drum Bum is offering not just weighted drumsticks for toning but a soft, rubber grip to make it easier to hold on to them while exercising. Get your own cardio exercise drumsticks or buy in bulk for your fitness classes. For more information on these drumsticks, call 1-800-378-6286. We also ship to the UK.

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Are you part of the full-body, cardio fitness craze? Join your latest drumming fitness class where working out with light resistant drumsticks to pumping music not only gets you in shape but keeps the 'fun' in fitness and exercising! Incorporate Pilates-like isometric movements into your workout routine while waving drumsticks in the air like you just don't care! For the latest in drumming workout, exercise drumsticks, check out Drum Bum's new poly-synthetic sticks with comfortable foam grips. They're weighted to provide just the amount of resistance to tone those muscles. As of 2019, we now have them in 5 unique colors; red pinstriped, green pinstriped, hot pink, hot yellow and solid black.

We now have weighted, fitness drumsticks that are slightly less weight but priced lower. They are made of tough, hickory wood with soft, rubber handles. Still weighty enough for aerobics classes that use the drumming exercise program but a lower cost.

Exercise Drumsticks for Aerobic Classes

Exercise Drumsticks

Superior Quality Aerobic Drumsticks
These weighted sticks are just the ticket for high energy drum workouts!
They are the most durable workout drumsticks on the market for aerobics and fitness drumming programs. Made of a super-rigid polymer, they're thick and weigh approximately 3.1 oz each. The rubber handles are the best part, enabling you to firmly grip the sticks while concentrating on your steps and your form.

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If you're a aerobics fitness instructor and manage drumming exercise classes for your studio, you've come to the right place. We have several different exercise options for drumsticks including plain, inexpensive sticks, drumsticks with comfort grips, weighted drum sticks and colored sticks to jazz up that otherwise dull studio decor. While you can always go with the standard, plain models of sticks, added features such as color or comfortable grips add to your customer's drum workout experience and improve the image of your studio and your fitness offering. When you're ready to buy drumsticks for your yourself or your workout studio, we can fix you up. After 20 years, we know about drumsticks and for years we've been making high quality cardio drumsticks for the fitness and exercise industry. Drum Bum sticks are known for quality and they are made right here in the USA!

Buy your fitness and cardio drumming supplies from Drum Bum! If you have any questions about exercise drumsticks, please feel free to call us at 1-800-DRUM BUM.


Workout Drumsticks
Exercise Drumsticks

Drum Bum!

We specialize in custom drumsticks, personalized drumsticks, wholesale drumsticks and yes, even fitness drumsticks for exercising. Those partaking in Pilates-like cardio / strengh drumming classes now have a better option for drumsticks. Drum Bum presents, the first weighted drumsticks with comfort grips! In addition, we offer a unique pinstripe design and optional soft tips. Buy now! We ship to the US and the UK.

Buyer Beware : Many competitors are claiming their sticks are highest weighted but they are totalling the weight of the drumsticks instead of listing the weight of each drumstick separately. In other words, they are claiming they have 8 oz drumsticks but they are combing two 4 oz drumstix and being misleading. We don't play those games here. Drum Bum is a 20 year, trusted brand. Our exercise drumsticks are made in America and are of the highest quality.

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