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Light Up Drumsticks we provided for The Voice. Aired May 5th, 2015
Image Credit: Live video screenshot, The Voice.

You'll find quite a bit of information here about drumsticks as well as links to lots of related products from bulk drumsticks to custom drumsticks and personalized sticks with your name on them to sticks that light up and even exercise cardio drumsticks for the fitness community! Welcome again and feel free to contact us if we can help answer any questions about drum sticks for you.

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"Thanks for carrying the sticks by the dozen. I purchased a dozen 7A wood tip and another dozen 5A plastic tip sticks. They are great for practice as well as gigs. They are a bit softer than other name brands but for the price, they are perfect.I used to nurse my good sticks along and use electricians tape to make them last longer with rehearsal and playing gigs.These sticks are the perfect remedy. Keep up the good work." - Jim, CA


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There are many types of drumsticks from beaters to mallets to brushes. Although different types of objects to beat drums have been around for centuries, drumsticks as we know them today have only been around for five or six decades. Most sticks are made out of wood. Maple, hickory, and oak are the most popular wood types. Recently, synthetic drumsticks have come on the scene as they tend to be a bit more durable than wood. Fitness programs and exercise classes often use weighted drumsticks for their workouts. There are several different drumstick sizes also from 7A to 2B to special sizes and even custom sizes. Of course there are also specialty kinds made out of various types of soft material, hardened plastic or carbon synthetics and promotional sticks like the rock band drum sticks, the new miniature sticks that are only 7 inches long or the ever popular led lite illuminated drum sticks that brilliantly light up your rock performance! And lastly, there are custom wrapped drumsticks or sticks with your logo artwork on them if you will. Need more info. on drumsticks and have questions? Feel free to call us toll free at 1800 DRUM BUM and we'll be happy to assist you.

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For years drum sticks had certain flaws. They were often warped, weighted disproportionately, and splintered and cracked easily. Thanks to drumstick inventors like Joe Calato (Regal Tip) and others, drumsticks were dramatically improved through the years. They found ways to manufacturer them straighter, added nylon tips to increase durability and even varnished them to improve grip and overall aesthetics to the sticks. Companies continue to improve on them over the years and they keep getting even more reliable. Even '2nds drumsticks' (next in line to perfect sticks) are straighter and cleaner these days as manufacturing processes have improved.                                                   




The drumstick is made up of 4 basic parts. The bottom is called the BUTT of the drumstick, the long middle part is called the SHAFT, the taper is called the SHOULDER, and the bead is called the TIP.


Say that 4 times
real fast and you've got
yourself a new drumfill.

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Wholesale Custom Drumsticks

If you're looking for Wholesale Drumsticks, we've got you covered. See our custom page for the many name companies that we've done customized orders for. We can provide Custom Drumsticks / for you at competitive prices. We even have Blank Drumsticks for giveaways or Promotional Drumsticks for promo occasions. We even have misc. used and mismatched drumsticks for art projects. Buy large, bulk quantities wholesale and save. Whether it be our promotional drumsticks, our cardio drumsticks or if you just need blanks for engraving. - Call Drum Bum at 1 800 378-6286.

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How to Choose Drumsticks
Some of the things you need to think about when selecting new drumsticks.

1. What type of band will you be using them in? Rock, pop, jazz?
2. Are they straight? Don't forget to roll drum sticks on a flat countertop.
3. Do you want wood tips or nylon tips? How will the cymbals sound?
4. Will you be playing hard or soft... or medium volume?
5. Ultimately, make sure the sticks "feel" good in your hands.
6. Do they have a finish? Are they varnished or lacquered?
7. What type of wood are they made out of? Maple? Hickory? Oak?



Peter Lavinger is in the Guiness Book of World records
for having the largest Drumstick collection in the world.

Some of the Many Types of Drumsticks

Giant Drumsticks


We've got tons of different types of sticks from aluminum metal to electric. Yes, there are even sticks that light up! Some people are looking for cheap drumsticks for a special event or sometimes with drummers that just go through a lot of sticks due to heavy practicing. No worries. We've got you covered.

They even make novelty sticks like the giant drumsticks pictured on the left. Yup, they're almost as tall as that little girl. ;) But if you need kid's drumsticks, they make those too. Starting at around 12", they're perfectly suited for smaller kid's hands and make drumming just a little bit easier for them.

It might be hard to believe just how many different types of sticks there are but they run the gamut from marching to symphonic applications. They've got them with rubber grips and sleeves, personalized, dowel rods and even electric! Have you seen the Hot Rods? They have wooden dowel rods coming out of the thick handles. This helps drummers play a bit quieter in church settings and small dinner clubs.


Weighted Drumsticks | Carbon Drumsticks | Flourescent Drumsticks | Fitness Sticks

Talk about Drumsticks at
Drum Chat is a new drummers forum where you can talk about anything and everything
pertaining to drums, drumsets, or even drumsticks! Discuss how to select drumsticks, what sticks to use for Rock Band, snare drum sticks, the best way to hold them, what you think of the new lite stix and firestix and even about the new custom, personalized drumsticks your uncle gave you for Christmas. The drummer's forum is the place is to talk about drummer sticks!

Drumstick Display Case

Display Case for Drumsticks

                                      Drumstick Tips and Facts
1. Many drummers wear out their drum sticks in the middle of the shaft by playing rimshots all night long. They splinter and eventually wear completely through.
2. Some drummers adopt the name "Sticks" or "Stix" and insist everyone call them that instead of their real name. Hey, I guess we all want to be somebody.
3. Drumstick spinning has really gained popularity through the past several years. There are drumstick spinning books, dvd's, and even many more drumstick spinning.
4. Have you heard about pitch-matching your drum sticks? Many drummers swear by making sure their sticks audibly match each other in pitch.
5. Using metal drumsticks to practice with is still a controversial subject. Many educators believe in this practice while some are convinced that it is harmful to your wrists.
6. Some drummers sand their drum sticks to remove the varnish. They like the feel of so-called naked drumsticks a lot better. Usually it's those drummers that sweat a lot.
7. Most drummers in this day and time agree that you should roll drumsticks on a flat surface to check for straightness before buying them.
8. Some of the more common reasons drummers break drumsticks are; playing too hard, hitting at the wrong angles, and using the wrong drumsticks for their particular style.
9. If your drum sticks are slippery or you're getting blisters from playing hard, consider using drumstick grip tape or other applications such as drumstick wax or Stick Stuff.
10. Remember that buying cheap drumsticks will save you money, but they usually aren't weighted properly nor do they last very long. Stick with the name brands to be safe.
11. Some drummers need more instruction on how to hold drumsticks. You can't be too far back on the sticks, nor should you be too far forward. Find the balancing point.
12. Light up your drum performance with illuminating or glow drumsticks. Choose between painted glow drumsticks or lighted sticks like the brand new Vic Firth lite stix drumsticks.
13. Snare drum sticks should be on the heavier side for new snare drummers. This provides extra weight which helps them to build their muscles.
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How to Hold Drumsticks
How to Pick Drumsticks
Drumstick News


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Drumstick News

  • Drum Bum can now custom imprint colored drumsticks! - Call 1 800 378-6286. Minimums apply.
  • DW launches 3 pair of drumsticks instead of 2 campaign. Not anymore just known for their drums, DW is now offering three pairs of drumsticks as a single purchase. The idea being that if you break one, you'll still have a spare. So buy your three pair of drum sticks today!
  • Drum Bum now carries Rock Band Drumsticks. Quieter soft practice for Rock Band guaranteed!
  • Soft Sticks are the newest stix on the market. Soft Stix Drumsticks are great for practicing quietly. They come in glow in the dark and black colors.
  • The glow in the dark sticks are back in stock at
  • Now more colors in the light up sticks including multi-color light up drumsticks.
  • Drum Bum now carries several drumstick display cases. Those that hang on the wall and those that sit on a shelf.
  • The latest fad is working out with drumsticks. Organizations like DrumsAlive®, Poundfit® and other cardio drumming are making use of workout drumsticks and cardio drumsticks to enhance their exercise programs.
  • Custom drumsticks maker, RichSticks, has gone out of business as of November. Please note that while we are getting a lot of calls for custom sticks, we do not make drumsticks to custom size specifications. Our customized options are only with regard to color, imprinting, engraving and promotional printing.
  • Recent customers include Grant's Historical Lounge (Atlanta, GA) and rock band, Daughtry.
  • Sold custom printed drumsticks to the Army to promote the Army Band.
  • We're on a roll. A 'drum roll' that is with multiple drumsticks orders of all types and custom configurations. We are one of the top custom drumstick companies for imprinting, personalization, and private labeling. How can we serve you?
  • 2019 - Drum Bum aquires Foxy Drummer has specialized in custom and engraved drumsticks since 2007 and is known for quality sticks with quality imprinting.
  • 2021 - Thank you Recycled Percussion for your recent custom order.
  • 2022 - Thank you McDonalds® for your order.
  • 2022 - We now offer custom made sticks to spec. Are you looking for drumsticks built to your specifications? Contact us and we'll see if we can help. As of January 4th, 2023, this program is currently on hold.
  • 2022 - Thank you Live Nation® for your custom sticks order! We can't wait to show the sticks you order for a national release in March.


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At, you'll find tips on choosing the proper types, brands, and drumstick sizes.You can even learn how to print on drumsticks. Learn how to pick out sticks that match your style of playing. Choose what size drum sticks you need, whether it be 7A, 5A, 5B, 2B, or the old ROCK standbys. Learn about how drumsticks are made and who the popular companies are. - Don't miss the personalized drum sticks, and illuminated kinds for an illuminated / lighted performance! Also, Find distributors, manufacturers, promo sticks, soft models, and dealers for all types of shapes, sizes, and colors. Oh and chicken drumsticks? You will not find here. ;>) But you can go to Wikipedia to find out even more on drumsticks. Thanks for stopping by our website and call us at 804-273-1353 if there's any way we can assist. We look forward to serving you.

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